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AV/Grafix was commissioned by the Flying Tigers Association to create an EXACT replica of the Flying Tigers Logo originally drawn by Walt Disney.  This decal is being used on a handful of P-40 restorations around the world.  Please...The image is copyrighted, and we cannot sell duplicates without the permission of the Flying Tigers Association.

AV/Grafix produces turn-key decal and label kits for companies such as Star Aviation, a Boeing electronics sub-contractor.  These kits contain all the decals for a particular electronics assembly, along with identification nomenclature, all on one sheet.  These kits solve many quality control, inventory and cost and availability problems for our customers.

You will not find most of the decals and graphics you
see on this page anywhere else, because we're the only
company that has them!

Many of these samples were created for specific aircraft
or for specific customers needs.

We are ready and eager to work with you on solving your
unique graphic problems on your Homebuilt, Ultralight,
Restoration or Warbird.

We also make custom Aluminum and Steel Placards and
Data Tags.

AV/GRAFIX has helped antique restorers with many
projects such as re-creating Logos, Original Placards &
Markings - Including Chemical Etch & Fill process.

IMPORTED AIRCRAFT - AV/GRAFIX has helped importers
and restorers to re-create cockpit markings and placards by
converting foreign language placards into English for
certification requirements. We can make English placards for
many foreign aircraft such as: • Pilatus • Sukhoi • YAK
• Antonov • MIG and MORE! - We can translate to english
or from English to virtually ANY Written Language!
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This kit contains most all the decals needed for a fixed-wing or flex-wing Light Sport Aircraft.  AV/Grafix has interior/exterior decals & placard kits for many models of Light Sport Aircraft.

Full-Color graphics kits available. Call for our full-color graphics catalog.

Full-Color graphics kits available. Call for our full-color graphics catalog.

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Full-Color graphics kits available. Call for our full-color graphics catalog.

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